Transcription of the symphonies and symphonic poems for organ
to the 150. anniversary of Jean Sibelius

The work and lifetime of Jean Sibelius includes more than what the cultural heritage of his six symphonies and his numerous symphonic poems stand for. There are few, who have passed on a work equal to the magnificence, beauty and musical depth of what Jean Sibelius has left for generations to come. The share, live and celebrate the joy, passion and contemplation of his music by any means applicable in order to hopefully make others discover and experience new insights into the life and work of this great composer, is an opportunity and objective to both historians and musicologists. – And yet is never to be achieved without a new way of actively performing and lively interpreting his work throughout concerts. The project to transcribe the symphonies and symphonic poems of Jean Sibelius for the organ wishes to contribute to the widespread vision of bridging the interest and musical insights of just a few with new and more divers audiences.

Jean Sibelius by Gottfried Thore Drywa

Jean Sibelius
painting by Gottfried Thore Drywa | Oil on Canvas | 78x82cm