Gottfried Thore Drywa

the organ may not solely imitate an orchestra, but pay a most royal tribute to the character, the atmosphere and emotional experience of music itself. It needs unconventional and open-minded solutions to visualise the intentions and vision, the composer might have been up to. The organ is a unique interpretation medium new in its form, the orchestra an absolutely different of it, both, however - and this is the maybe most important common characteristic - are able to bring home more than the sum of the score, instrumentation and technical borders to the listener: the incredible beauty of music.

Carlo Gesualdo
Sacrarum cantionum (div. Motteten)

Edvard Grieg
Peer Gynt-Suite N.1 Op.46

Franz Liszt
Mephisto-Walzer N.1
Deux Légendes :
St. Francis marchant sur les flots
La Prédication Aux Oiseaux

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
The Midsummernightdream Op. 21
Schottish Symphony Op. 56
Italian Symphony op. 90

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Jupiter-Symphony KV 551
Hafner-Symphony KV 383

Sergej Prokofiev
Toccata Op.11

Carl Nielsen

Jean Sibelius
1. Symphony Op. 39
2. Symphony Op. 43
3. Symphony Op. 43
5. Symphony Op. 82
7. Symphony Op. 43
En Saga Op. 9
Luonnotar Op. 70
Valse triste Op. 44
Finlandia Op. 26
The Tempest Op. 109,1
The Tempest-Suite Op. 109,2

Igor Stravinsky
The Firebird